Mr. Showbiz article on what project Matt and Ben will be working on, including their follow-up to "Good Will Hunting":

Damon and Affleck Get Busy

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have apparently recovered sufficiently from their Las Vegas jaunt last weekend and are looking to get back to work.

The Oscar-winning Good Will Hunting scribes and in-demand actors are in Los Angeles attempting to bang out some of their writing commitments, report syndicated columnists Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith.

The buddies are said to be focusing their efforts on the Castle Rock feature Half Way House (although Half Way Home would seem more in keeping with the duality of the title of their previous hit), an ensemble drama in which they'll both act.

In the pic, which takes place in a facility for the mentally impaired, Damon will reportedly play a patient and Affleck a counselor.

Damon and the newly single Affleck are also said to be working on the Miramax romantic comedy Like a Rock. For this film, Affleck will take the lead, payback for Damon getting the bigger role (and Best Actor nomination) for Good Will Hunting.

And speaking of Ben, his ex Gwyneth Paltrow created quite a stir in London this week when she arrived for the premiere of her film Shakespeare in Love, in which Affleck co-stars.

British critics raved about the blond beauty. "If Gwyneth be the food of love, let the Oscars play on," said the London Evening Standard on Wednesday. "This made-in-Britain romance is set to be a classic," gushed the Daily Mail.

Of course, Ben and Gwyn's split has Hollywood wondering how they will handle all the upcoming awards, from the Golden Globes to the Oscars.

Last year at the Academy Awards, all eyes were on Best Supporting Actress nominee Minnie Driver, who had just been dumped by Damon. When Matt and Ben's names were announced for the screenwriting prize, the cameras focused in on Driver's less than enthusiastic reaction.

Will the same happen this year? Will Affleck opt out of the awards circuit altogether? Check back Sunday and Monday for all the Golden Globe scoop.

And on a final award show note, Calvin Klein has announced that it's dressing Paltrow for the Globes, where she's up for Best Actress in a Comedy for Shakespeare.

According to the press release, the actress will wear—and we're quoting here because we have no idea what half of this means—"an opaline long skirt in iridescent silk radzimir with a black fitted cardigan and matching strapless tube in super-fine cashmere."

Reprinted with out permission from Mr. Showbiz