Casey's (as Morgan) classic Good Will Hunting Moments
Morgan: "Double Burger... double burger.... Chuck, I had a double burger.
Chuck... would you shut the fuck up. I know what you ordered I was there.
Morgan: So give me my fuckin' sandwich.
Chuck: Whaduya mean, "your sandwich?" I bought it... Morgan, how much money you got on you?
Morgan: I set out your change right. I said that before, when we pulled up. Why don't you just give me my sandwich and stop being a prick.
Chuck: All right, well, give me your fucking 16 cents that you got on you now and we'll put your fuckin' sandwich on layaway. There we go. Keep it right up here for ya, and we'll put you on a program. Everyday you come in with your six cents, and at the end of the week you get your sandwich.
Morgan: Why do you got to be an asshole...
Chuck: What am I? Your fuckin' sandwich welfare? I think you should establish a good line of credit. Like how you bought your couch. Payment plans. Remember? How your mother brought in ten dollars every day for a year... she finally got a couch rent-a-center style.
Morgan: Can I have my food now, please?
Chuck: Here's your fuckin' double burger."

"They was fine you know, we was gonna close that deal, but then Chu.. uh Billy insulted one of them and the heavy-set girl said that I had-- have a recedin harline and I was a few pounds overweight and I was like... "go fuck yourself".... I swallowed a bug."

My boy's wicked smart. You spend three minutes in this fuckin place and you run into a barney, huh.

Chuckie: Bill, hold it. You hear that? Morgan! If you're watching pornos in my mom's room again I'm gonna give you a fuckin' beatin'
Morgan: What's up fellas?
Billy: Morgan, why don't you got jerk off in your own fuckin house. That's fuckin filthy.
Morgan: Well, I don't have a VCR at my house.
Chuckie: Com'on... not in my glove.
Morgan: I don't use the glove.
Chuckie: That's my little league glove.
Morgan: Then what am I gonna do?
Chuckie: I mean, what's wrong with you? You hump a baseball glove?
Morgan: I-I just used it for the... for cleanup.
Chuckie: Stop jerkin' off in my mother's room. Please!
Morgan: Is there another VCR in the house?
Chuckie: That's just sad bro.

Chuckie: Who'd you call?
Will: No one. I forgot the number.
Morgan: You're fucking retarded. You went all the way out there in the rain and you didn't bring the number?
Will: No, it was your mother's 900 number, I just ran outta quaters.
Morgan: Why don't we get off of mothers I just got off of yours.
Billy: That's pretty funny, Morgan. Here's your fuckin nickle bitch.
Morgan: Keep antagonizing me, watch what happens.
Billy: All right, then, Morgan.
Morgan: Watch what happens.
Billy: All right then Morgan.
Morgan: Watch what happens... keep fucking with me.