Mademoiselle March 1999 Ben vs. Matt Meter

This month's Mademoiselle Magazine did a meter to see who "the real golden boy" is.
**I beg to differ with their results!

By April P. Bernard
"A look at how the buds from Beantown have fared since their Oscar year win one year ago."

May 1998
Ben: The first quickie bio is out, and it's... not his
Matt: Named one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People"

June 1998
Ben: Shoots Forces of Nature with Sandra Bullock
Matt: The bright lights of extra publicity: Rumors fly that he and steady Winona Ryder are engaged.

July 1998
Ben: Critics hate it, but Armageddon tops the box office
Matt: Critics dub Saving Private Ryan "the finest war movie of our time"

August 1998
Ben: Graces Premiere's cover as Matt gets Playgirl's
Matt: Ex Minnie Driver calls his going public about their breakup on Oprah "fantastically inapproptriate"

September 1998
Ben: Buys Gwynth Paltrow diamond earring's worth #30K
Matt: Hangs in Italy shooting The Talented Mr. Ripley with Ben's beloved Gwyneth

January 1999
Ben: Papers report Ben and Gwyn have split
Matt: Set to earn $5.5 mil for All the Pretty Horses (having won the role over Leo Dicaprio)

And the winner is... Damon- at least for now.

Taken without permission from Mademoiselle Magazine for fan appreciation only.