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TNT's DAVID POLAND: Paramount's 200 Cigarettes ( opens Friday, February 26. One of the film's standouts in it's ensemble cast is Casey Affleck, who shot to fame in Good Will Hunting. He plays the man who would be Christina Ricci's character's first lover. Tough job. I want to welcome Casey Affleck to Movie Chat! Welcome Casey!

200 CIGARETTE'S CASEY AFFLECK: A big hello to Yahoo!

DAVID: Let's take a question

VxIxRxUxS asks: what is the plot of this movie?

CASEY: It's about New Years eve 1981 and a group of different people all converging on the same party. And it's sort of about everyone looking for love in some way. Either finding a new love of breaking up with an old one.

ossb asks: how many people are on the cast?

CASEY: There are about a dozen principal players.

preppie_killer asks: If you were stuck on a desert island and you could only bring one type of food, one c.d. and one brand of toothpaste what would they be?

CASEY: Toothpaste? Tom's Natural Toothpaste. Food? Spinach or something healthy like that. CD? Atlantic Rhythm and Blues Box Set


CASEY: Only like me in that occasionally I get desperate and start seeing strange women on the street and think that they are the ones for me for life.

DAVID: Can you tell us a little about your character?

CASEY: His name is Tom and he's devastatingly handsome underneath all the make-up and he's a wannabe punk rocker who just cleaned up in rehab and is now looking for a wife. Or at least a couple women to play.

NeetyPunk asks: who's your favorite band?

CASEY: Right now? Maybe Radiohead.

Looking_4_Love17 asks: What cartoon character best describes your personality? Why?

CASEY: I guess in many ways I am like... ummm..... ummmm.... Inspector Gadget. Because I'm always getting credit for someone else solving the case.

blue_starz_84 asks: Casey, how does this movie compare to the role you had you the past?

CASEY: It's a more stylized comedy that I never did before. Also, I didn't have any sense of what the movie would be like while I was doing it because I never saw many of the other actors on set because there were so many plots going on in the movie.


CASEY: I didn't work with her, but I heard form other actors that she would flash people when she was off-camera playing the scene.

Gesey asks: Casey, when did you start acting?

CASEY: When I was in high school, I started doing plays and I had a great drama teacher so I got hooked. After high school I started to audition for things professionally.

Federalway_chica asks: ohhh... whats your middle name?

CASEY: My middle name is Casey. No story behind it, that was just the name my mother gave me. But my real first name is Top Secret

sarah_2482 asks: Hey Casey, what was it like being in the movie? did you ever get frustrated with anything?

CASEY: I got frustrated because it is difficult to shoot nights in the middle of the winter. But there are a hundred things that will happen in the course of a movie that will frustrate you. If you are going to be frustrated on a set, you will always be frustrated, so why bother being frustrated at all?

CTCheerleader18 asks: Casey, what's the craziest thing you have ever done?

CASEY: Yahoo online chat.

DAVID: Anything else?

CASEY: Nothing that isn't so incredibly embarrassing that I don't want to talk about it

King_of_PEZ asks: Do you like working with your brother in movies or do you prefer to work without him?

CASEY: Depends on the movie. In some instances it can be fun. Other times.. I don't think that it helps the movie because it's distracting. And also I'd like to work with different people. I wouldn't want to work with a friend over and over again. Or my mother. Or anyone else.

Steve_J18 asks: what was your child hood like?

CASEY: It was tumultuous. And inspirational. And educational. And happy.

andrea7859 asks: Do you sing in the shower? :)

CASEY: Only when I have company.

StarAngel77 asks: Before a kissing shoot, do you use any mints or anything? :)

CASEY: I have halitosis so mints don't help. No, actually I'm kidding. But I don't use mints. Unless they ask. It's in my contract that the other people have to use mints.

sasco asks: what is your favorite film?

CASEY: Of all time? Uh.....hmmmm.....Time Bandits or School Ties.

TOMMYGIRL28338 asks: What major film will you be staring in next?

CASEY: The next one will be about a street performer -- kind of like Without Limits -- but he's a street performer who takes it very seriously. But he wears a fake mustache because he's obsessed with Prefontaine.

DAVID: But seriously...

CASEY: That is serious! But coming out before that is Committed by Lisa Kruger who did Manny and Lo. I'm in it with Luke Wilson, Heather Graham, Patricia Valazquez. That will be out in the spring.

sparckle_princess68891 asks: do you have a dog?

CASEY: I don't have my dog. But my brother comes and he's pretty annoying.

NiceGirlatFSU asks: Casey do you ever surf the net?

CASEY: Yes, I surf the net

giantpieceoass asks: Do you still consider Boston home and if so, why do all the Boston teams suck now?

CASEY: They suck because they are they lost their fan base. I used to sell sausages outside of Fenway Park. They Suck because they give up people like Clemens. I hear that the new coach of the Red Sox, Derrick Milo, is going to turn things around.

brown_eyed_gerl asks: is acting what you've always wanted to do? or did you have other ideas growing up?

CASEY: Honestly, when I was growing up, there were three or four years of my life where I thought I would marry a brown eyed girl because of the song and because I dreamt of being with one for so long. I was wanting to be a teacher for a while, but I was rejected because I failed remedial geometry.

eliada16 asks: So, when you use your credit card or check or what ever that commercial is, do ya really have to show your id, even though your famous??????

CASEY: Yeah... once it's declined they ask for my ID and then they ask me to wait in the store while they make a phone call.

Seashell_12065 asks: Casey what is your status? Are you single or married?

CASEY: I'm singlemarried. Actually, I have a girlfriend, so I'm not single or married.

XxBuNnYgUrLxX asks: If you could be in a movie with any 1 actor/actress who would it be and why?

CASEY: If it's just one, Santa Claus. But I want to make a list... Jessica Alda... Joaquin Phoenix... Morgan Freeman.... Crispin Glover... and my younger brother Lauren.

sarah_2482 asks: I just want to say that i admire you and it's people like you that make people like me want to really go for my dreams in life! What is it like being a role model?

CASEY: Wow! I'm not really a role model. If they really knew me they wouldn't say that. But it's nice to know that someone appreciates the things that I do. You can give her my number...

rw9191 asks: Did anyone play tricks on each other on the set?

CASEY: I don't remember any tricks on the set. Ricci passed out one night and we had to pretend it was a gag.

foxfireangel asks: why is the movie titled 200 Cigarettes...what does that have to do with the film?

CASEY: Because someone makes reference to cigarette smoking in a long monologue at the end f the movie. But I don't want to ruin it. But someone gives someone else a carton of cigarettes for their birthday.

sparckle_princess68891 asks: Do you collect anything?

CASEY: I collect henchmen. And memories.

XxBuNnYgUrLxX asks: Do you enjoy dressing up for functions, or would you rather sport jeans and a T-shirt?

CASEY: I'd rather sport jeans and a T-shirt, but ironically the only free clothes anyone will ever give anyone is the really expensive stuff. So I ended up prostituting myself to Armani in front of the cameras.

DAVID: Let's take one last question for Casey....

LaLalovely asks: do you get a lot of crazy fans?

CASEY: There are some crazy fans. There is one crazy fan named Bobby K in Boston who's pretty well known n the net. He showed up at the Oscars last year and hangs around sets just because at one time he went out with Matt Damon at that period of his life. So he's jealous of my brother's relationship with Matt. It's a love triangle, that's what it is..

gypsy_gurl asks: who was you best kiss on camera.......or off???

CASEY: Hmmm.... My best kiss off camera was Paul Rudd.

DAVID: And on?

CASEY: On camera was Heather Graham

DAVID: Well, I want to thank Casey Affleck for his time. Go see his movie on Friday.

CASEY: I want to say hello to Aaron.

DAVID: Anything else?

CASEY: That's it, I guess.

DAVID: That is it then. Thanks for coming to the chat. For more on the movies, check out For more on 200 Cigarettes, check out And thank you all for coming to Movie Chat, right here every Wednesday at Yahoo Chat. Good night everyone

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