Casey's Words of Wisdom

about his 200 character..."His name is Tom and he's devastatingly handsome underneath all the make-up..."

Q: Do you sing in the shower? "Only when I have company."

on kissing scenes... "I have halitosis so mints don't help. No, actually I'm kidding. But I don't use mints. Unless they ask. It's in my contract that the other people have to use mints."

"I don't have a dog. But my brother comes and he's pretty annoying."

"Honestly, when I was growing up, there were three or four years of my life where I thought I would marry a brown eyed girl because of the song and I dreamt of being with one for so long. I was wanting to be a teacher but I was rejected because I failed remedial geometry."

"My best kiss off camera was Paul Rudd."

about New Year's Eve... "It's really the big conund of our time, trying to make New Year's Eve out. The two things people want are to start the New Year right and have a blast finishing out the old one. But you can't do both. If you have a lot of fun and get really durnk, you wake up the next day totally hungover. You feel like shit. On the other hand, if you go to bed really early, you don't have much fun."

"Partying for me was trying to steal beer from a liquor store in high school."

on Ben... "He always stole all of my clothes and socks and that kind of left me with a sense of betrayal."

did Ben take Casey's girls?... "Well, Ben was gay until he was 17 so I didn't want his girlfriends..."

"I'm really tough on the inside. I have a cold, cold heart but I act like a really, really sweet guy. For real, I'm pretty sweet and everybody knows it. I don't put up much of an act. When I do, it's embarrassing because everybody's on to me."

on who was a better kisser Christina Ricci or Kate Hudson... "I was."

"Claire Danes. She's really a super talent and a nice sweet girl. Every performance blows me away, and she makes everyone around her good."

"We thought we were tough and then like there was the 'real' kids in our neighborhood that were kinda tough but you know but weren't that tough it was kinda a middle class neighborhood but they thought and pretended and we were pretending. We lived on Cottage Street and we all hung out there and did breakdancing on our linumium. And then they came by and called us the 'Cottage Patch Crew' and it was real embarresing and were like 'we suck' you know and we never did that out on the street again."

"I have a mumbling problem. A very lazy tongue. I do vocal excersises in the morning sometimes. 'unique new york' 'unique new york' 'a big black bug bit a big black bear and made the big black bear bleed'"

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