Here's some info on Casey's movie, Committed from MTV Online: "Everclear's Art Alexakis Set For Feature Film Debut

Buoyed by three singles -- including its most recent, "Father of Mine," Everclear's "So Much for the Afterglow" has remained nestled in the upper half of "Billboard's" pop album charts for over a year.

Now, Everclear frontman Art Alexakis is looking to step up to the limelight of the big screen, and will make his feature film debut in the dramedy "Committed," which also stars Heather Graham, Casey Affleck, Summer Phoenix, and Luke Wilson.

For the film, which is being directed by "Manny & Lo's" Lisa Krueger, Alexakis has been cast in the role of a thief who moonlights as a member of a New York art band called Arturo Y Los Distortos. Alexakis' actual solo project is called Arthur.

The faux film band is also featured in a party scene in which it performs a Tejano-version of an Everclear song, "El Distorto De La Melodica," while dressed in black beatnik turtlenecks. No word yet on whether the song will appear on the soundtrack.

The plot of "Committed" is centered around the story of an intense young woman, played by Graham, whose husband leaves her in order to find himself. She then follows him cross-country and when she catches up with him, complications arise.

The film, primarily based in New York, started shooting in El Paso, Texas in early October. Alexakis says of the location, "I never knew El Paso could look so much like New York."

Look for "Committed" to arrive in theaters in late 1999."