Casey's Interview

Casey's Interview with Launch

200 Cigarettes

"It's like the eighties, 82 or 83 all these different people and I play um, a punk rocker like a sorta wanna be punk rocker, he has like the exact same outfit that Sid Vicious was famous for wearing, with the leapord thing, he has a lock around his neck. He's really soft and gentle and loving. A chinchila really."

Co-star Courtney Love

"She wouldn't even talk to me. Nope. She wouldn't have anything to do with me. She didn't know that I was in the movie. She didn't care for me. She wouldn't want to look at me. She was very busy."

A Starring Role?

"Mostly it's just my shadow. Like I show up there and I was like, yah I play the guy who follows those girls around the whole time. They kept being like, for every shot, they're just 'another step back, another step back'. It's the girls in the foreground and you'll just go around the corner and the shot will be your shadow coming up. That's all I am for half the movie and then a couple scenes."

Stealing Scenes

"The guy who has the small part is the guy who is going to be really loud and yell and steal the scene and is not, doesn't worry about what anyone else is doing and is just going to do his own thing. I hate that guy. You know I just turn around and that guy is me."

You Know My Name

"If Good Will would have caught on. You know what I mean. Then probably it'd been good for my career but it's just another movie that no one saw. Yah, I mean, it helps in some ways, I guess it certainly helps a lot because people know who you are and in a way its just part of it but they really know or they don't care about good or bad theings they know and there like yah I've heard his name a lot or you know sure we'll put him in the film and give him a shot at least. So its helped me a lot like that."

The Casey and Ben Show

"Everyone knows that your brothers in real life and they're like 'look at the brothers playing the brothers' or 'look at the brothers they're trying not to play brothers' or something. It's kinda lame but, you know, I can't work, I'll take anything!"

Indie Fever

"A lot of times people do movies and they're like eighteen or something and they're real handsome and they get this break because whatver like look 'hot' or whatever and then they're kinda not that good because how could you be good when you carry a movie unless your just a natural and uh so it's been good to like to be able to do a bunch of crap that nobody sees or do a few things that nobody sees and then uh, and have no one see them and just kind of be privately embarressed and it doesn't really hurt my career and think that he's over with"

Breakdancing Blues

"We thought we were tough and then like there was the 'real' kids in our neighborhood that were kinda tough but you know but weren't that tough it was kinda a middle class neighborhood but they thought and pretended and we were preteding. We lived on Cottan (?) Street and we all hung out there and did breakdancing on our linumium. And then they came by and called us the 'Cottage Patch Crew' and it was real embarresing and were like 'we suck' you know and we never did that out on the street again."

Lazy Tongue

"I have a mumbling problem. A very lazy tongue. I do vocal excersises in the morning sometimes. 'unique new york' 'unique new york' 'a big black bug bit a big black bear and made the big black bear bleed'"