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Did Ben post on my board?
"I'm flattered"
Saturday, 26-Dec-98
I know that this might sound totally insane, but I was looking at the latest dedications to myself.I bet that made me sound really self centered, but this is a really cool site.Thanx for all of the support, I could never have been who I am without all of my fans.I'll visit again soon.Bye!

I have NO idea if this was really Ben or not because he has been known to visit sites devoted to him in the past. Or this could be a dumb joke by someone w/ too much time on their hands. Anyways, if it was Ben and he does visit again...I hope that he does, that he enjoys this site, and that he emails me w/ proof and/or posts agian with some verification! It'd be great if it was true!

2/25/99 Ben on the boards
Q what about the stash bash in march? I also heard you were gonna be doing an mtv thing on march 17th,does that mean you'll be in the city?thats my b-day and its gonna be onna the rare times im in the city and it would be cool to stop by and say hi.if you dont wanna answer these questions on such a public place please e-mail me.thanks,greg
BEN: I will be dropping in on the stash at some point in the future. The rest I'm not sure of.

Q 1. On the last board, you mentioned that there were serious plans for a sequel to one of your non-Kevin Smith films. Which one? I'm guessing either Good Will Hunting or Armageddon. Good Lord, tell me it's not Phantoms 2! 2. Are you still considering doing Die Hard 4 with Bruce?
BEN: 1. It would be ungentlemanly of me to comment on that, especially considering its not a done deal yet. But there are definite throaty rumblings-- though i haven't talked to the director himself. 2. there is no DH4 (that I know of) no script, no offer, no movie.

Q After seeing Good Will Hunting the first time, I noticed several scenes looked like places on the University of Toronto campus. I'm a U of T student at one of the smaller campuses, and I'd love to know exactly where these scenes were filmed at U of T, and what made Ben and Matt choose U of T to film at. (note: I am not a teenage fangirl looking to get Ben's e-mail address. I admire his work, and am a somewhat-mature fan :) I'm just curious) M.
BEN: We were told that we had to shoot some of the movie in Toronto for money reasons. We'd have liked to maintain the continuity of the setting and do it all in Boston-- but Canada was much cheaper. The locations that were used were the least conspicously different ones.

(About the movie Rushmore) Q. Someone told me that it was his first movie - but I haven't confirmed that - which makes it even more impressive to me. He wasn't even an actor. He was approached at a party and asked to audition. I'm going to see the movie tomorrow (i can't wait). Jason Schwartzman is the son of Talia Shire, the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola, and the cousin of Nicolas Cage. I assure you that he was not just found at some party.
BEN: Nobody is 'just found at some party' but the most his familial connections got him was an audition. He got the role on merit-- and deserved it. i thought the movie was really, really good. PS. you forgot that he's also the nephew of John Schwartzman, DP of The Rock, armageddon and Ed Tv. Think that helped too?

February 10, 1999.
Q: Ben, What's up? I just happened to stumble across this board and read some Posts that you left back in December. I don't know if you'll ever get to see this Post or not, but I figured I'd give it a shot. I have a question for you. Personally, I am about as regular as a guy can get. I come from a small town in Florida and I am currently living in Orlando and attending the University of Central Florida(UCF). My friends back at home are like brothers to me and are your typical jocks. I was the only one of my friends to leave home after graduating high school to go to college. Now I am in my 3rd year at UCF. I am a Nursing Student and I graduate in 1 year with a Specialty in Emergency/Trauma Nursing. In August of 2000, I am going to start Nurse Practitioner School at the University of Florida. I am 21 now and I hope to be married at 25 with my first kid at 26. My question stems from all of this rambling: Have you ever thought for just one minute, "I wish I wasn't in the limelight?" I sometimes think what it would be like to have my life open to the world. I am sure that fame far outweighs its negative attributes (especially with all the girls); but I was just curious if you ever regreted for one moment becoming a star. I hope that everything is great for you right now in life. Fame can do a lot to people; from what I've seen and read about you, you seem very down-to-earth. I hope this never changes. Take care. Your Friend, Christopher Blackwell Special Note for other View Askew Members: I apologize because this Post is not 100% VA-related. I am probably going to receive a lot of negative replies because of it; but I just wanted to ask Ben this question. If it's any consolation, I think that Clerks is one of the most unique and comedic films ever made! - Chris
BEN: Yes, from time to time, I do.

Q: Hi, Ok, Just wanted to ask you a few questions and I probably have a one in a hundred chance that this will ever be answered, but I decided to give it a shot. 1)I must be obsessed w/ this question or something, because this is a question that I have been wanting to ask for awhile. You said you would like to reprise your Chasing Amy role, so my question is why? I asked Kevin if he would ever sequel the film and he said no. I expected that answer. But, hypothetically, if you were to cowrite w/ Kevin on another one, what kind of ideas would you come up with? I personally like the ending, it seems more real. Would you want to resolve it? 2)Do you consider golf, auto-racing, and bowling, sports? 3)What do you think of when you hear or see the word PEACE? This is a legitimate question. I have an upcoming graphic desgn project where I have to design and create a poster concerning the topic of Peace. I just want input from different people. Gives me ideas. Actually, if someone reads this, will you email me and tell what you think?
BEN:ANSWER #1-- i have said before that I would do anything with Kevin, in fact he's the only guy I'd consider "sequelizing" anything with (which includes the other rumored sequel to a movie I was in.) this also includes your JB movie, Kevin which i talked to Chad and Jerry about. They said you claimed to be able to 'deliver me' to which i replied simply, "that he can." ANSWER #2-- yes, and movies art (sometimes) ANSWER #3 The prefix "a" comes to mind...

Q: Is it less intimidating than the old one? Is it something you could see yourself using instead of posting here on the main board? As one who tends to avoid the OWB for weeks at a time since it's so hard to keep up with, I say this new format is much easier to use and peruse. It'll bring a lot more folks over to the OWB and help clear thee traffic up here. Vincent
BEN:Vincent, you got me all excited. I thought you were talking to me... i should be down there this week. Hope to see you then...