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I have been running this site for almost two years but for various reasons I can not update it any longer. It will still remain on the internet and I will be managing the club ( I do not want this site to become what so many Affleck sites out there have become... old and obselete. So what

Ben made it in again this year. He is one of People Magazine's 50 most beautiful people. The picture and article are alright. I'll get them up this week.

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Download the Bounce Trailor (Thanks Megan) and I started a Pearl Harbor page.

Ben posted on his board a message about Pearl Harbor and Bounce.

I have Casey's interview with etonline now up. Enjoy!

Ben signed on to Pearl Harbor. Read all about it at and click on news (Thanks Nelson) or at or
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I apologize. I thought I have updated more. Anyways, Reindeer Games came out last Friday and it was the #3 movie. I recomend seeing Boiler Room! (RG was a disappointment) Casey's new movie, Drowning Mona came out Friday and it was very funny. Casey is great in it! He appeared last week on the Jay Leno show (and I missed it) so if anyone has it please email me!

Ben is everywhere! See him this Saturday night on SNL. Friday on the Rosie O'Donnell show. And February 18: Rosie O'Donnell, February 21: Mtv 5pm (Reindeer Games), February 23: Jay Leno and February 24L Craig Kilborn He is on the cover of EW magazine also. Someone please confirm and let me know of anyother Ben (or Casey) sightings! P.S. has all the latest interviews and magazine articles with Ben.

Ben is on the cover of this weeks People magazine!
Rosie O'Donnell showed a clip from Drowing Mona today on her show. The clip had Casey in it... with straight blond hair (yuck) but it was still good for Casey!

I am SO excited because when I opened my jane magazine tonight guess who and what I found? CASEY. Click <<< link to see the picture and read the article. (If you have a Affleck site PLEASE ask for permission before taking from my site!)
Ben was in magazine yesterday. I grabbed a copy and if doesn't get it online in the next couple of days I will post it!
Here are two pictures of Ben at Sundance. picture 1 and picture two.
In People magazine this week the article about Britney Spears stated, "she is pondering several movie offers and likes a script that would have her play the President's rebellious daugther opposite-- big surprise-- Ben Affleck. 'He would have to be in it!' says a blushing Spears. 'He's soooo cute.'"... my question is, what movie is she refering to? Please email me if you know!

Tune it to the end of the Superbowl tommorow to see the "Reindeer Games" preview!
As I assummed has the premiere article up right here.
Meghan found a picture of Caseyfrom Sundance!
Cassandra emailed me to let me know that the Saturday Night Live website has reported Ben will be on the show Feb 19 not the 12th.

Seventeen.comreported: "BEN'S AFFLECKTION: Ben Affleck was hobbling around on crutches at the Sundance Film Festival Saturday. The reason for the new accessories? He twisted his ankle playing basketball with some of his pals in Los Angeles on Friday, according to the New York Daily News. Ben was at the fest to catch the premiere of Committed, which stars his little brother Casey and Heather Graham." Thanks Sara!

Pick up a copy of Premiere mag. I'd put the entire article on the site but I start student teaching this week and I am sure that will have it up very soon. I know that you wanna see the pix so here they are: Ben closeup, Small version of the cover, Fence part 1, Fence part 2, motor cycle fall, and filming reindeer games.
Here's the Reindeer Games trailor
Ben will be the first presenter tonight with Charlize Theron on the Golden Globes!
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Premiere magazine hits the newstands the 18th! For a teaser go to Remember Ben will be on SNL February 12th.
Casey's movie Drowning Mona's official site is up and running. (Thanks LuVs841)

Wondering what Ben did for New Years? According to People Magazine this week, "Ben Affleck and Matt Damon invited 250 guests to a bash at the tony Sonsie restaurant in their hometown of Boston. Neither brought dates. 'I'm just hanging with my friends tonight," said Damon.

Go see Talented Mr. Ripley. Besides an awesome movie and the best work I have ever seen by Matt Damon. Reindeer Games and The Boiler Room trailors run before the flick.
Check out this fun test. It asks you several questions and then pairs you up with your ideal celebrity man. Guess who mine was... Ben Affleck. I was pretty happy about that one.
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Happy (late) New Year! I think it took me a week to recover from the hangover and I can finally update the site! Anyways, Ben visited his official board this week and is urging us to buy the new Premiere Magazine! He wrote an artical for it and he is very proud. So pick up a copy.
In L.A. a local radio station announced that Matt Damon and Winona Ryder are engaged. Ben wouldn't be the bestman because of a feud between Gwyn and Winona and that Ben and Gwyn are back together. Well it is all FALSE! And Ben said so at his site.
I updated a bunch of Casey and Ben movie pages today so take a look around.
Desert Blue (with Casey) is in video stores now!
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